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[30 Jan 2011|03:51am]
We are only brave enough to fight the battles already won for us,
and spend more time with our hair than we do our minds.
While the girls and the young and the lost are kicked off to the side,
our armies in fractions because our kings are so foolish,
we will never know true victory and are happy just to survive to live to dance another day.
Still clinging to those golden - olden days.
While our mouths sweep the mess to the back of our minds.


we flap our wings but we never leave the ground.
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[26 Jun 2010|06:31pm]
This time last year, we were drinking in San Diego and walking the boardwalk together. We took pictures of each other taking pictures of each other. We smoked pot together in the car at night, and there were bees on the windshield. We held hands, I showed you were I spent my summers as a kid and I got you some ice cream.

And I loved you.
And I would have done anything for you.

I wish this wasn't so hard. I can't get over you.
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[14 Jun 2010|02:59pm]
In all honesty, thank you for finally telling me about your new boyfriend (although I'd hardly call him new).

I can put you behind me now.
I can hate you now.

I hope shit sucks for you.
I'm doing fucking great.

[09 Jun 2010|09:00pm]
We will never make another memory.

We will never make another memory.
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[18 May 2010|05:48pm]
Come back to me.
Come back to all of these warmer nights, stronger fights.

To hold me, to see the way I feel.

And I don't want to play your game.
Your four-minute-mile walk of shame.
It's sinking... it's sinking away.

You've got me on my knees.
Is that what you want to hear?
You've got me.
You've got me all wrong.
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[04 May 2010|08:50pm]
Lately I just wanna blow my fucking brains out.
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click and flash [03 May 2010|02:25am]

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..... [26 Apr 2010|04:39pm]
I am lost. I will not be found.
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[15 May 2008|08:34pm]
everything i touch falls to pieces
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Merlin was a bitch. [01 May 2008|07:58pm]
I've been extremely extremely excited the past couple of days because I purchased a newwwwwwww PET!

And I don't really know what to name him! It's called a sugar glider and it's a tree-dwelling marsupial native to Australia, New Zealand, and Indonesia. They have extra skin on their sides, like a flying squirrel, that allows them to glide a good distance. They're extremely agile and fast, and not to mention, totally badass. It's like having a little koala monkey.

Here he is:

He sleeps in a little pouch, because their mothers carry them around in pouches.

His cage is fucking huge. He likes keys.

He is an excellent wall-scaler.

My ideas for names are:

1) Goose
2) Oliver
3) Stitch
4) Suge Knight

Help me out. What should I name this thing?
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uh huh uh huh uh huh. [15 Apr 2008|09:10am]
Today is going to be a lot better than yesterday, and maybe just a little bit longer. Yesterday was a bad day. My stomach was in knots all day, and my mind was down in the dumps. This has since been cured, and my only physical discomfort at the moment is a slight rumbling of hunger pains. I'll take care of this soon. But first, I have to mail my taxes, and go to work, and get my tip money. Such an agenda.

I'd really like to start playing music again soon. I just ran into my old friend Justin recently, and he has a new music project, that I haven't listened to. But he's always been in music projects and by this point, I can pretty much imagine what kind of sound he has now. Still, I'd like to ask him if he wants to get high and mess around on guitars for a while. Maybe I'll do that tonight. Maybe I'll actually listen to his band, too. You know, in case he asks.

In other news, if the computer POS system at work is not fully recovered today, I'm going to spend a lot of time on break. And I'm probably going to bring a little pot to work today. 11am to 9pm??? You would, too, motherfucker. Peace.


[14 Apr 2008|12:34am]
Because after she walks out the door, you know you just fucked up. It hits you almost suddenly, and you realize that this is what you deserve. You brought it on yourself, but you always seem to forget that.

Note to self: [12 Apr 2008|11:49am]
When less goes on, less goes wrong.

Somebody get me a helmet. [12 Apr 2008|08:33am]
People are telling me that lately I fall down a lot. This is just what people tell me; I don't think I really fall down that often. They're legitimate accidents. Each with their own causes and effects, and the cause is typically not inebriation. On the contrary to your preconceived notions that I'm wasted every time I hop on a bike, some of my worst accidents have actually happened when I was stone-cold sober.

And while I'm on the topic of worst accidents, about two weeks ago was the one-year anniversary to my exquisitely intense brush with death. The triple rollover. Cement wall. I just recently got the last piece of auto glass out of my knee. Eleven whole months to work all those little bastards out of my thick scar tissue. The last one was about as big as an M&M, and no, it was not candy-coated, round or chocolatey. It was jagged, and really sharp, and digging into my knee any time I put weight on the fucking thing. The moment my leg gave birth to the last remnant of Matt D.'s truck window was one of the best feelings in a good while.

But back to bikes. I know I'm not the most graceful person ever. Anybody that knows me will tell you this. I bump into things. I knock things over. If we're walking close to each other, there's a good chance my big ass is going to collide with your body at some point, and probably more than once (I'm sorry, I just can't walk straight). It would seem logical that an ungraceful person shouldn't be whipping down the road on a mountain bike. But it's faster than walking, and I enjoy it. And it's hella ride bikes to ride bikes.

I guess I could invest in a whole suit of protective gear. A bubble suit. Getting my license back and getting a car. Then I could cause bike accidents. Right of way, my ass.

I drive on my suspended license pretty regularly. It's dangerous, and if I get caught, I'm going straight to jail. But I'm a pretty good driver, and I know a couple lawyers. But the other night, I took my criminal driving to a whole new level and took my roommate's company vehicle out without permission. Don't worry, I returned it. Driving stolen trucks is fun.

After re-reading that last paragraph, I realized that biking is such a better option. I'll take my spills and scrapes over incarceration anyday.

My stomach hurts. Goodbye.
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Pictures. [23 Mar 2008|11:53pm]

Ben looks really weird without a Jew beard.
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Fingers calls it quits. [23 Mar 2008|11:11pm]
I heard a two-day old story of a failed suicide attempt, and then saw the stitches.

Longways isn't foolproof, apparently.

First basketball, then stories of personal injury and triumph. [20 Mar 2008|04:55pm]
First and foremost: Houston, it's easy to win twenty games in a row when you're playing some pretty weak competition (minus the Jazz and maybe Golden State).

And then the Celtics came and you had to play a real team. And you got knocked around all night.

And now you ain't winnin' shit.

In other news, I had a couple free Irish Carbombs after my shift on St. Patrick's Day. I went home drunk, accidentally broke a bottle in the sink, and sliced my finger open trying to get the glass out of the sink. There was blood everywhere and I bit a chunk of my own flesh off and spit it into the sink, thus landmarking my most metal moment to date. Shitty alcohol also creates harder hangovers.

I guess I can't really think of anything else to write about so I'm going to get stoned and just post some pictures.Collapse )
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Also. [12 Mar 2008|07:15pm]
I just realized how much I miss writing in my Livejournal.

Expect more posts. If you even still have me added as a friend on here.
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Update. [12 Mar 2008|07:08pm]
Hi, Livejournal!

I'm alive. I moved to Tempe. I live in a house with two 31-year-olds, and one 32-year-old. It's interesting, and I'm learning to never be like them when I get older.

I just turned 22. I had a very low-key birthday, and I liked it a lot better that way.

I am still with Stephenie and we are very very in love.

My life is really simple, and I like it a lot better that way, too.

I can do anything.
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who thinks methinks [22 Aug 2007|06:07pm]
You can't live without these things.

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